NDIS Registered Exercise Physiology for People Living with Disability

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

The NDIS is a way of supporting people with a permanent and significant disability that affects their ability to take part in everyday activities. The NDIS is designed to give individuals greater choice and control over when, where and how their funded supports are provided. The specific support and funding available is based on each individual’s specific needs. You can find out more about what therapeutic supports are funded on the NDIS website.

Are you a person living with disability? Are you looking for an NDIS Registered Exercise Physiology service to support you, your loved one or a client’s healthcare needs?

iRehab’s NDIS registered Exercise Physiologists have expert knowledge on the human body and the role of exercise in health, fitness, and reducing the onset of chronic conditions symptoms and disabilities. We provide specialised and tailored Exercise Physiology programs to manage participants disabilities and conditions. Our programs can help to overcome the barriers and hurdles associated with your condition whilst enhancing your health and well-being to allow you to do the things you love to do in the best possible way.

Some disabilities we commonly help include

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Neurological disorders – Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurons Disease, Parkinson’s Disease
  • Traumatic or Acquired Brain Injury/Impairment
  • Vision or hearing impairments
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s, Developmental Delay
  • Ataxia
  • Down Syndrome
  • Stroke
  • Amputation
  • Mental health – PTSD, Depression, Anxiety
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Pain management
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Plus more.

The benefits of our Exercise Physiology programs include

  • Improve movement, mobility and independence
  • Improve whole-body strength and capacity
  • Reduce spasticity and contractures
  • Improve your dexterity and coordination
  • Improve Chronic Conditions / Diabetes and Metabolic Risks
  • Improve posture
  • Improve balance and reduce falls risks
  • Reduced pain levels
  • Improve quality of life and achieve life goals
  • Increase empowerment
  • Increase social interaction and liaison
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Safely and effectively self-manage your condition
  • And more.

Access to Exercise Physiology in your NDIS plan can come from two budget areas

  • Capacity building – Improved Daily Living
  • Capacity building – Improved Health and Wellbeing

Our Exercise Physiology Service can be provided at our fully equipped gym-clinic facility in the Hills District - located at North Rocks, or to your mobile location - at your home, work or preferred location.

Mobile areas in the Sydney metropolitan areas which we service include:

  • Parramatta
  • Hills District
  • North Shore
  • Inner West
  • South West Sydney
  • Blacktown
  • Penrith
  • Western Sydney
  • Campbelltown
  • Sutherland
  • Northern Beaches
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Sydney

Contact us for more information on how our services can support you or your participant in achieving optimal independence, health, and quality of life.

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Exercise Physiology can help

Exercise physiology can prevent or treat acute and subacute or chronic illness as well as to restore one's optimal physical function, health, or wellness.

Improve physical fitness

Improve posture

Help sleep better

Reduce anxiety/depression

Reduce spasticity

Better balance & mobility

Reduce pain

Helps improve coordination

Hear from some of our happy clients

Alice Brown

iRehab has been a game changer for me. The team is knowledgeable, professional, and supportive. Their personalised approach to rehabilitation has not only improved my physical health, but also my mental well-being. I highly recommend iRehab.

Michelle Sun

I have been going to iRehab for a few months now, and I am blown away by the results. The team has a wealth of knowledge in exercise physiology, and they are able to design programs that are tailored to my individual needs and goals. They have created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and I look forward to every session.

Gary Parks

iRehab is simply the best exercise physiology service in Sydney. The team is extremely professional, and they go above and beyond to ensure that their clients are well taken care of.

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